【Official】Ryokan Yokotei

■News■100th anniversary commemorative project! I have a private bath!

  • Private Bath "Hyakuju no Yu"

    We would like to express our gratitude to our patronage customers for celebrating their 100th anniversary, and with the wish for their longevity, we have newly established a private bath called "Hyakuju no Yu" that you can use with peace of mind.

    Of the spacious bathtub, half has a normal depth soaked up to the shoulders, and the other half has a shallow slope so that it can be used as a sleeping bath.

    In addition, we have eliminated the step from the entrance to the washing area so that even elderly people can use it with peace of mind.

    For details, please see the bathhouse page.

Origin of the name "Yokotei

  • "Nourish your spirit"

    Eiichi Shibusawa-o, the founder of the Japanese economy, stopped by Nagatoro in 1922,
    It is an inn named after Mencius's words, "to cultivate the spirit of humor."

About measures against Novel Coronavirus Disease

  • 【Infection prevention measures at this facility】

    ・Limit the number of customers using each day and prevent 3 crowds as much as possible.
    ・Set a limit on the number of people in the bathhouse to disperse the usage time.
    ・Thorough ventilation and alcohol sterilization when cleaning guest rooms.
    ・Wearing masks by staff,Thorough hand washing.

    Corona you are tired of corona and want to go out, why not get in touch with the nature of Nagatoro


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1446 Nagatoro, Nagatoro Town, Chichibu County, Saitama Prefecture

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5 minutes walk from Chichibu Railway Kaminagatoro Station,
About 20km from the Hanazono IC Kan-Etsu Expressway Chichibu

・There is a pick-up service(conditions)
・Parking:13 units(Free)
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