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Group / training camp

【for students☆spring training camp】Discount for 3 nights or more! We are starting a discount campaign for spring break students!

  • Would you like to spend your spring break training camp in Nagatoro this year?
    If you stay 3 nights or more, you will get a discount of 1,100 yen from the regular price of 8,800 yen per night!
    You can stay with dinner and breakfast for 7,700 yen per night!

    【Campaign period】 Stay from February 1st to April 14th
    【Number of people available】Accommodates 10 to 70 people

    Seminar training camp, circle training camp, kick-off party, graduation trip, etc.
    Please spend a pleasant trip at this facility!

Training meeting plan

This is a plan for working people, including the use of conference rooms for meetings and training.

  • There are two 91 sqm meeting rooms and one 46 sqm meeting room.
    If you remove the partition, you can use it up to 228 square meters (about 200 m2).
    When you open the window, you can Arakawa River and a refreshing breeze blows in.
    Please change the environment and spend a meaningful time while feeling nature.
stay(1 Night/ 2 Meals Included)Weekdays and Sundays:From 11,000 yen
Saturdays and days before holidays:From 13,200 yen
Meeting room fee9:00 to 13:00/13: 00-17: 00/17:00 to 21:00 5,000 yen each
*15,000 yen each when using only the conference room
rentalProjector screen 3,000 yen/1 day
Whiteboard microphone free
OtherPlease contact us as we can prepare lunch and arrange sightseeing such as line down.

Student camp plan

Student camp plan

  • How about a university training camp in Nagatoro
    It can be used for multiple purposes such as club activities, circles, and seminars!
    We also accept a large number of group trips for elementary school to high school students each year.
    For your next trip, please use our hotel, which is convenient for traveling to Chichibu
Overnight Stay(1 Night/ 2 Meals Included)Weekdays and Sundays:From 8,800 yen
Saturdays and days before public holidays:From 9,900 yen
*You can choose Japanese food or BBQ for dinner.
 If not specified, Japanese food will be served.
AmenitiesFree:Hand towel
For a charge:Bath towel(300 JPY)
   Yukata(300 JPY)    Both are rented
Banquet hall usage feeAvailable time:Until 24:00(Consultation required)
Carry-on fee:From 500 yen
Meeting room feeFrom 9:00 to 13:00/From 13:00 to 17:00/From 17:00 to 21:00 5000 yen each
Projector screen 3000 yen / day
Whiteboard free

■Benefits when booking directly with the hotel■
Free service for 4 hours when using the seminar camp
other services① Proxy reservation for public gymnasium
 *Usage fee will be charged separately
 *Reservation is mainly from one month before the month of use
 *You can make a proxy reservation for the ground, but in the summer you can hardly get it because local use is prioritized.
② Proxy reservation for various activities
 We accept reservations for various hands-on activities in the town such as line rafting, rafting, and ceramic art experience.
 Please contact us for costs etc.
That's why it's chosen!       Recommended points of the hotel① Close to the nearest station!
 This facility is a 5-minute walk from Kaminagatoro Station
 It is convenient because it is easy to participate late due to part-time work or job hunting, or to return home early.
② A lot of sightseeing around the area!
 Once the seminars and club activities have settled down, let's play to the fullest!
 Superb view spot "Iwatami", Arakawa River activities, famous shaved ice Asami Reizo, etc.
 Nagatoro, a tourist destination where you can enjoy watching, playing, and eating!
③ Flexible response!
 We want everyone to make fun memories, and for your requests
 I would like to answer as much as possible.