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Local cuisine handed down to the mountainous houses of Chichibu

This is a local dish with a simple taste that uses plenty of mountain and river products from the Chichibu
We offer Japanese-style meals that use seasonal ingredients and local products.
  • An example of a dinner dish

    • Japanese Food
      We will prepare a hearty Japanese set using mountain and river products at the restaurant.
      【Menu example】About 10 dishes such as wild boar hot pot / grilled rock fish / seasonal tempura / edible wild plants.
    • BBQ
      The facility offers a dinner barbecue plan.
      You can enjoy barbecue on the outdoor terrace.
      All ingredients will be prepared at this facility.
      Have a good time with your family and friends on the terrace where you can hear the babbling of Arakawa River

      ●Bringing in ingredients is prohibited due to hygiene management.
      ●For bringing in drinks, a carry-on fee of 1,000 yen will be charged per person.
  • An example of breakfast cooking

    We offer a simple Japanese set meal in a restaurant or hall.
    【Menu example】About 8 dishes such as mizuna egg binding / grilled fish / fresh vegetable salad.
  • Restaurant"Kisekirei"

    It is right next to the lobby.
    You can eat while looking at the greenery.It can also be used as a coffee shop.
    • About getting out of the room for meals
      plan the content of the accommodation plan, only dinner may be served in the room.